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EXCLUSIVE ABA Member Option - Accident Insurance Plan Benefits

$42.00 per Month for Member
$55.00 per Month for Member plus Spouse
$60.00 per Month for Member plus Child(ren)
$72.00 per Month for Member plus Family

The Lincoln Financial Accident Benefit helps take the risk out of doing the things you love to do. Lincoln Financial provides cash for accidental injuries, helping you cover the costs of emergency medical care, long-term rehab, and unexpected expenses along the way.

ABA offers this coverage at a price you can afford!

Accident insurance pays you cash for accidental injuries.

As a member, when enrolled in this benefit and you get hurt in a covered accident, Lincoln Financial will send you a check for covered injuries allowing you to decide how you need to spend it.

Benefits for a covered accident include:


• Emergency room visits
• Ambulance transportation
• Hospital admission & confinement
• Intensive care
• Surgeries


You will receive cash for covered injuries. You even get benefits for multiple covered injuries resulting from the same accident.

Membership features that make a difference!


Member assistance - Your coverage includes a telephone and online confidential counseling service for personal matters if you suffer an accident.


Consider your expenses
Add up routine expenses like food and clothing and regular bills such as credit cards, car payments, and mortgages to see how much money is left to pay medical bills if an accident occurs.


To learn more about this member benefit option and how it helps protect your budget, contact your ABA Marketing Representative, or click JOIN NOW to enroll.



Click here to access the Benefit Cost & Summary

The Membership Accident Benefit is an open enrollment option.  Members can elect to enroll during Basic Membership enrollment or anytime thereafter.

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